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Survey Information and Cost

Westsail Parts Company offers the following survey services to all Westsail owners.


A short inspection of about thirty items that are the critical points that have failed on other boats and have caused subsequent damage. A one page form is used to inspect the items and note their condition. Time required for this survey is approximately 1/2 hour. The cost of this survey is $15.00, provided I happen to be where the boat is located. During any of the Westsail rendezvous, there is no charge for this survey when done during the rendezvous. If you want to do the inspection yourself, send in a request and I will send you the form to do your own inspection.



- for the purpose of sale or purchase of a used boat, or as a requirement for insurance coverage.


- for the purpose of an offshore trip or long distance cruise.


- for the purpose of assessing the damage to a vessel and preparing a cost estimate for the repairs.

A seven page form is used to inspect and inventory the entire vessel, carefully inspecting all of the construction of the boat, noting the make and model of all equipment, the methods used in the installation, current condition, and suitability for this type of vessel. The inspection does check for compliance with NFPA, ABYC standards, and current USCG regulations.

A six to eight page report is supplied, as well as a copy of the seven page inventory sheets for the condition and equipment surveys.

A report of the damage, vessel condition and repair procedure, along with cost estimates to affect the repairs, is supplied for the damage survey.

These surveys are accepted by most insurance companies, and lending institutions. If necessary, I can supply a resume of my experience and qualification as a surveyor to the insurance company if so requested.

The time required to complete this type of survey is approximately six hours, and it is customary to have the boat hauled out for the bottom inspection during this survey.

If you are interested in my doing a survey of a boat, I would be happy to do so. The cost is dependent upon the size of boat and location, but is kept at a competitive price structure for the survey and report. There is a minimal charge for the cost of a rental car for the day. If the survey entails an overnight stay, there would be a charge for a local motel.

For more information, please email me at, or call either at (714) 549-9331 (local) or (800) 310-9675 (toll-free)

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