Following is the Westsail Factory Build Manual for the W32. Not possessing an original copy of the manual, I began with the scan of a manual created by Bill and Jane Shaw, from the manual that came with sv Galena, a 1975 W32 #511. (See:

Like all the Build Manuals shipped with new boats, Bill's manual was a Xerox copy of type-written original. With a few years of use and life aboard a boat, it was impossible for Bill to create perfect scans. But starting with his originals, I invested some time with Photoshop, enhancing the images as best I could. I then converted the manual to a web application.

As I began to break the manual into sections, it occurred to me many of the pages were out of sequence (as Bill had indicated). The entire manaul has been set up using the assumed page numbers, with Table of Contents and Index created therefrom. I already have about 200 hours invested in optimazing the scans and building the associated web app. So it makes little sense to attempt a reorginization now. However, while this version of the manual consisted of 465 pages, Bud is sending me a more recent version containing 625 pages. I will try to find time to scan and optimize this version over the next couple of months while cruising in the Bahamas and post an update upon my return.

I thank Bill for his original contribution and offer this webpage as the result of our combined efforts. I hope you find the manual as helpful as I did, while Drifter was on the hard for a two-year refit (that I expected to take two months ;-)

Please note that this web application was originally written for my personal use and to be run from a local web server, rather than accross an Internet connection. While it runs very efficiently in that manor, it is a very large application to be run from a conventional web server. It loads 466 large images, plus the Table of Contents and Index all on a single web page. Once loaded, this provides incredible efficiency. But, unless you have a very good connection, it will take some time to load. Once I've scanned the new version of the manual, I will load it into sections, much as I did the Westsail Service Manual. This will provide shorter load times, even with a slow connection. I will also provide a means by which you can view thumbnails of the pages and select sections and/or pages to view that way.

Jack Webb, sv Drifter, 1975 W32 #438
Webmaster for &

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