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About Westsail Parts Company

Westsail Parts Company was formed by Bud Taplin to augment The Worldcruiser Yacht Company, which he founded in 1974 and which he has continuously operated ever since. When Worldcruiser Yacht Company was established, Bud's primary business was the construction of custom boats. Bud had previously served as the General Manager of The Westsail Corporation during its early years. After Westsail went out of business in 1980, Bud began to supply parts to owners who were completing their Westsail kits. When the majority of the Westsail kits were completed, inquiries began rolling in from Westsail owners for upgraded and custom parts, for replacement parts and for information regarding the maintenance of their boats. Bud has been providing those grateful owners with parts and supplying them with invaluable information ever since.

No longer in the business of building custom boats, Bud decided to change the name of the company to more clearly reflect its current role. Thus Westsail Parts Company was born as a provider of original and replacement parts for all sizes and models of Westsail boats. The company is a one-stop source for just about everything a Westsail owner would like to add, replace, or upgrade. But perhaps the true value of the company lies in the incredible technical assistance and advice that Bud provides... typically at no charge. As owners, we are truly blessed to have this asset at our fingertips, and it was my honor to put this website together to assist in keeping the tradition ongoing. The continued popularity and increasing value of a well-maintained Westsail is, in no small part, due to Bud's diligence and generosity. In the creation of this site, he is graciously providing an incredible wealth of knowledge to Westsail owners, both present and future. I can think of no better legacy for any man to leave behind.

We all lift a glass to your continued good health, Bud, and we thank you for all you've given to Westsail owners through the years. We hope to have you joining our rendezvous for decades to come!

Jack Webb, Webmaster
Owner of s/v Drifter,
Westsail 32, Hull #438

As you browse through this site, you'll find links to access the Parts Catalog & Westsail Service Manual. This is an incredibly valuable reference for all models of Westsail boats. Though still available in printed form or on a CD, Bud is now making it available as an online reference for all to access.

Another great resource for the Westsail owner, is the section Parts That Fail, which contains a series of photos that represent various part & equipment failures that have been documented over the years. In addition to photos of the part failures, the appropriate page(s) from the Westsail Service Manual is included to describe the method of making the repair, and to provide quick access to the part(s) available to do so. A particular part can be easily found, using the Parts List routine.

Bud has always provided more extensive information by means of distribution via CD and/or DVD. Topics include: "Westsail Service Manual CD", "Parts That Fail CD", "Westsail 28 Factory Construction Manual CD", "Westsail 32 Factory Construction Manual CD", "Westsail 42 Factory Construction Manual CD", "Westsail 43 Factory Construction Manual CD", "Engine installation in a W32 CD", "Mast lowering on a W32 DVD", and "Westsail The World DVD"

For now, you can place an order with the company via eMail, sent to . Methods for payment of parts can be found on the page Order Payment.

The History of the Westsail boats and the Westsail Corporation can be found at this link.

External links are available to access to The Westsail Owners Association at and to, which is a site that gives owners a way access to 10 yrs worth of archives from the WOA forum, should the current Owner's Association site not be able to answer various questions regarding past problems and solutions.

Until the original Worldcruiser Yacht Company site ( is fully incorporated into this one, there is also link that site.

Enjoy your visit, and please make suggestions about ways to further enhance the site.

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